“The Big Sick” Duo On Sequel Potential

One of the sleeper hits of last year, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon’s “The Big Sick” is notable especially for its script based on events in their real-life relationship a decade ago.

Out doing awards rounds for the film, including the red carpet at the Film Independent brunch at Boa Steakhouse, the pair were asked about the possibility of a sequel and say they haven’t dismissed the idea. In fact, the first serious talk of it has only just taken place. Nanjiani says:

“Yesterday, some of the people involved, I won’t say who, were saying, ‘You guys need to do something about this. That’s really the first serious conversations that anybody’s had with us. Sequels to comedies are tough. It’s tough because they repeat the formula and then it fails. So we’d have to have a different story – the same people, different story.”

Gordon, who’s portrayed by Zoe Kazan in the film, stresses that nothing’s imminent and says: “We need to take a little bit of a break from telling such a personal story.”

“The Big Sick” has earned $42 million domestically for Lionsgate and Amazon and ended its run in October.

Source: Variety