The Beatles Get Two Films, One With Zombies

Two new projects based around The Beatles are in the works, but both have very different takes on the Fab Four.

The first is an adaptation of Richard DiLello’s memoir “The Longest Cocktail Party” for Revolution Films which will be launched at Cannes next week reports The BBC.

DiLello served as the ‘Client Liaison Officer’, an in-house youth consultant and errand boy, at the Savile Row headquarters of British record company Apple Corps in the late 60’s.

He became acquainted with each of the Beatles, many of their wives and girlfriends, and the various agents and managers who worked with Apple. He was there during the breakup of the band and the beginning of their solo careers.

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher owns the rights to the book and is developing the film with producer Andrew Eaton.

Meanwhile Deadline reports that producers Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher (“Pulp Fiction,” “Erin Brockovich”) have optioned the film rights to Alan Goldsher’s music history fantasy parody novel “Paul is Undead”.

The story portrays John Lennon as a zombie guitarist from Liverpool who kills and reanimates his three bandmembers. The quartet create hits and bloody mayhem across the world as they snack on fans’ brains.

The book also features Mick Jagger as the UK’s best zombie hunter, and Yoko Ono as an eighth level ninja. There’s even a scene where Jesus agrees with a zombie John Lennon that the Beatles are bigger than him.