“The Batman,” “Pennyworth” Begin Filming Soon?

After months with little to no apparent progress, Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” may finally be moving forward again with Batman-on-Film reporting that the studio has begun hiring production staff to work on the project. This suggests pre-production should get underway soon on the Warner Bros. Pictures and DC title, and would suggest a shoot to commence in the first half of 2019.

The report follows on from one a week ago at El Fanboy Podcast which suggested the film would take place in the past and thus leave the studio’s options open as to whether it will still be a part of the existing DCEU, or its own thing. It also could be tied into another project such as the Todd Phillips-directed Joker film with Joaquin Phoenix and potentially Robert De Niro if a report at That Hashtag Show the other week is correct.

In related news, Omega Underground reports that Epix is considering a fall production start in the UK on “Pennyworth,” the upcoming series set in the 1960s and exploring the younger days of Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth and his time with the SAS and meeting with Thomas Wayne. That project does not yet have an air date.