“The Banker” Filmmakers Release A Statement

Trailer Mackie Jackson The Banker

Apple’s attempt to launch into the original film space has not gone great so far.

The tech giant’s acquisition of George Nolfi’s biopic “The Banker” led to them positioning it as the company’s first foray into prestige filmmaking. Instead, it has become a source of controversy and its future is uncertain.

The film was set to be the closing night film at the recent AFI Fest. However it was pulled just days before the screening following allegations of sexual assault against Bernard Garrett Jr., the film’s co-producer and the son of the main character Bernard Garrett Sr. played by Anthony Mackie.

Cynthia Garrett alleged that she and her sisters were molested by her half-brother, Bernard Garrett, Jr and also claims that the filmmakers involved never contacted her family in regards to the content of the film.

Now, a statement has been signed by over fifty members of the film’s cast and crew and has been released, said statement asking for the movie to be released:

“We set out to tell a story we were very passionate about, recounting the remarkable lives of Bernard Garrett Sr and Joe Morris, and their ground-breaking achievements combating racial inequality in the 1950s and 60s. Though we have no way of knowing what may have transpired between Mr. Garrett’s children in the 1970s, including the allegations of abuse we have recently been made aware of, our hearts go out to anyone who has suffered.

The film itself is not based on the recollections of any of Bernard Garrett Sr’s children, but rather, on recorded interviews with Bernard Garrett Sr. himself, conducted in 1995, supported by congressional transcripts, court rulings, and other media articles from the era. We stand by the film, and its positive message of empowerment.”

At present, Apple has not announced any plans for how the studio intends to release “The Banker”.

Source: Deadline