The Avengers Are California Girls

With “The Avengers” budget being reigned in tighter than Chris Hemsworth’s “other hammer”, it comes as no major surprise that the production is reportedly set to change filming locations.

Bleeding Cool reports that Marvel is looking into moving the film from its planned base in New York City to Los Angeles, likely at the Marvel Studios complex at (ironically) Manhattan Beach.

According to the site, the time in New York is being reduced considerably to mostly exterior establishing shots with the rest filmed on sound stages or CG-enhanced select locations around Southern California – essentially the same production trick series like “Castle,” “Mad Men” or the final season of “24” follow.

Not only is filming cheaper than shooting on location in New York, but the move significantly reduces the cost of transporting and accommodating much of the film’s talent as most reside in the Los Angeles area. Production is still slated to kick off in February.