The Atom To Skip “Arrow” For “Flash”

Are you keenly awaiting to see Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer character on “Arrow” slip on a superhero suit to become the size-changing ‘The Atom’? You will get to see that, just not on that show.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells Green Arrow TV that the plan is to maintain keeping “Arrow” as grounded as possible, super powers are still out despite sharing the same universe as “The Flash”:

“I think anything is possible. My instinct is that if Ray Palmer’s going to shrink, he’ll probably shrink on another show. With The Flash in existence, there’s no real compelling reason for us to do super powers on Arrow. We can bring characters to Flash to have super powers. We have plans for Ray that don’t involve shrinking, but our plans for Ray are actually really cool.”

Guggenheim also spoke about the upcoming crossover episodes between the two shows to take place later this year. He tells Collider:

“”It’s so freakin’ awesome! It really is. I’ve never had so much fun writing a script before, maybe in my life. It was such a blast to work on. We’re filming the Arrow episode right now, and it’s just so much fun. I keep telling everyone that we should try for Avengers. It’s these two heroes together with a big production value. We’re blowing out the doors on this.

There’s the opportunity for inside jokes, and seeing all of the characters together. What happens when Cisco gets his eyes on Thea? There are moments like that, that you just can’t do in a normal episode. It’s just so much fun. It’s really going to be a blast. Jesse Warren is directing it, and he is just crushing it. Those dailies are really, really insane.

Nick Tarabay plays Boomerang/Digger Harkness, and he’s amazing. And that weapon is a whole new visual language in the show, and a whole new visual language for our stunt guys to work with. And watching Grant [Gustin] and Stephen [Amell] together is just magic.”

Guggenheim also confirms they’re still thinking about the plot thread of the mysterious organization H.I.V.E. which was brought up last season, however there are no plans at the moment to do anything with it.