The Americans To End In 2017 Or 2018?

It looks like FX’s acclaimed Cold War espionage drama “The Americans” may be coming to an end fairly soon.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association winter press tour this weekend, executive producer Joel Fields says that the upcoming fourth season is essentially the two-thirds mark in their plans: “If you were to think of it as a three act story structure, it feels like we’re coming toward the end of the second act.”

Fields says he isn’t sure how much more there’ll be before the series ends: “Whether it takes a fifth season or a sixth season to tell the rest of that story, we’ll discover as we start to dig into next season’s work. I really don’t have an answer about how many seasons except that we’ll do what’s right for the storytelling and we always seem to surprise ourselves.”

The upcoming fourth season will see threads from the previous seasons coming together and paying off several surprises. The early sections will mostly focus on the threat of bioweapons and the Jenning’s big secret getting out.

“The Americans” will return March 16th on FX.

Source: THR