The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Arrives

After several days of a bootleg copy floating around the web, Yahoo Movies has just released a full HD copy of the first teaser trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

Sony’s reboot of the franchise, directed by Marc Webb and boasting a great cast including Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, has the uphill battle of trying to convince fans to see yet another version of Spidey’s already very familiar origin story. The choice was done due to rights and budgetary issues, but these things can occasionally result in a good film.

This new take grounds the story in a more realistic world than the bright, colourful and classic approach that Sam Raimi brought to his three Spider-Man films. Gone is the arch comedy, replaced by something that – for the first minute anyway – could be mistaken for a Nicholas Sparks story of youngsters in love.

Then it becomes more about the hero. There’s no real hint of the villain, no glimpse of Spidey’s face until right near the end after an extended first-person shot of the hero swinging around buildings. Does this trailer justify the reboot? No, but it doesn’t automatically shoot it down either.

I get the impression hardcore fans of the previous Raimi films will have the hardest time accepting this, and that’s understandable. Then again after “Spider-Man 3”, the franchise did seem in need of new blood. Does this trailer work for you?