The “ALF” Reboot Has Been Scrapped

Warners Considering An Alf Reboot

The proposed reboot of late 1980s sitcom “ALF,” starring actors alongside a friendly and sarcastic puppeteered alien with a phallic nose and a taste for cats, has been killed off.

TV Line reports that: “Cats far and wide can breathe a sigh of relief: I’m hearing the proposed reboot is not moving forward at this time after failing to attract a suitor.” Basically no-one cared enough to make a revival of the property worth pursuing.

Murray Chapman penned the original series about a small, furry, arrogant extra-terrestrial from the planet Melmac who’s taken in by an average American family. Max Wright, Anne Schedeen and Paul Fusco starred.

ALF is still part of the pop-culture zeitgeist to this day. An attempt to revive the property with a 2012 live-action/CG hybrid film failed to get beyond the development state.