The “24” Film Makes A Little Progress

Billy Ray (“Shattered Glass,” “Breach”) has been hired to pen the script for a potential feature film based on hit Fox series “24” reports Variety.

Ray delivered a pitch which puts Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) in Europe. Sutherland himself was key to bringing in Ray’s cinematic take on the series.

The catch of course is when it would happen as various factors, most notably the fate of the TV series currently one-third of the way through airing its eighth season, will determine when any action takes place on the film.

At present the FOX network has NOT renewed the show for a ninth season and is waiting to see the results of sweeps ratings this week before making a decision. Ratings for the show this season have slipped but are still holding at respectable numbers.

Were it not to be renewed, production on a film would likely move forward quickly to capitalise on the franchise’s brand while it’s still popular.