The 100 Creator Talks The Show’s Future

“The 100” creator Jason Rothenberg says the show intends to keep pushing boundaries and battles with standards and practices for what they can away with on television. Speaking with The Live Feed at the Television Critics Association winter press tour yesterday, Rothenberg says:

“I’m more surprised by the notes that we don’t get then by the notes that we do get. I feel like one of our jobs creatively is to push the envelope for them, for the network, for broadcast television and I’m happy to do it..”

With the third season, the plan is to expand the world that they’ve built in the wake of the second season finale and the dark place it ended up in:

“One of the things I love to do is expand the world so we’ve obviously done that a lot in the first three seasons, but at the same time, the show started with the 100 wanting to kill each other and could they overcome their internal conflict before the threat of the Grounders wiped them out? Last year, we introduced some new elements and the conflict was a little more external.

This season we get into, I think, a bigger version of where the show started, which is there’s internal conflict… there’s a new group that comes in that really mixes things up and creates a lot of conflict internally. We get to know a lot about the Grounder clans and there’s a civil war brewing there too, so, again, it’s about can these people overcome their internal stuff in time to avoid a bigger catastrophe? The world-building of it is one of the things that I like the most just creatively and allowing us to expand the playing field the way we have keeps it alive.”

Speaking about the future of the show, Rothenberg already has the ending of the show mapped out it would seem but can adjust the plan as he sees fit:

“I know what I want the final story to be and where I want these people to end up in the end. I don’t know how long that’s going to take. I’m not going to sit here and say that I want to do for the show as long I can do it. I want do to the show for as long as it interesting to me. Lord willing, we get a season four. We have a good idea of what we want that story to be. If they said, ‘This is it. Wrap it up,’ we could make this idea I have right now for the wrap-up happen at the end of season four, or five or eight.”

“The 100” returns Thursday, January 21st.