Thanos & Kevin Feige Coming To “Simpsons”

Thanos Kevin Feige Coming To Simpsons

Marvel, Thanos, and spoiler culture overall are set to be the focus of “Bart and the Bad Guy,” an upcoming episode of the thirty-first season of FOX’s long-running animated comedy “The Simpsons”.

In the episode, Bart and his peers love the “Vindicator” comic book movie universe and its supervillain Chinnos who will be played by Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige. Bart manages to see a sneak preview of the latest “Vindicator” film by being mistaken as a child suffering from a terminal illness.

He then opts to blackmail the executives behind the “Vindicator” universe (played by Joe and Anthony Russo) to get whatever he wants or he will spoil the movie for everyone. Those execs must fight back, leading to an all-out war.

“Bart and the Bad Guy” will air on February 23rd.

Source: TV Line