Thanksgiving Box-Office Final Figures

The numbers are in and “Four Christmases” won both the three and five-day Thanksgiving box-office take with $31.7 mlllion and $46.7 million respectively.

In second place “Twilight” beat out “Bolt” for the five-day tally ($39.5M vs. $36.0M) but the three-day weekend haul was neck and neck with just over $26M each. More notably, for the three day period “Bolt” gained 2% on its opening weekend from last week, whereas “Twilight” fell a staggering 62% which means a long life isn’t likely.

Coming in fourth on both fronts was “Quantum of Solace” with $19.5M and $28.1M for the three and five day periods. Its three day weekend haul fell 27%, a much softer drop than its severe 60% second week fall-off last weekend. Internationally the 007 feature has remained king of the box-office for over a month and sits with a very comfortable $450M tally.

In fifth place was “Australia” with $14.8M and $20.0M for the holiday, neck and neck with the fourth week of “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” which came in sixth with $14.5M and $20.0M. Seventh went to “Transporter 3” with $12.3M and $18.5M.

Aside from the Christmas success, Australia flop and Twilight drop – much of the talk about the box-office over the holiday has been about the two well-performing limited releases – “Milk” and “Slumdog Millionaire”. The critically acclaimed films (seen them both myself, both are great) took in $38,361 and $27,898 per screen averages respectively and manages to hover at the very bottom of the Top Ten despite being on about 2% of the screens of all the other films in the Top Ten.