Terror Train Remake Details

It’s refreshing to see someone doing a remake that actually tries to be different.

Gideon Raff, the director of the remake of the Jamie Lee Curtis 80’s horror classic “Terror Train,” spoke to Shock Til You Drop from the set of the film in Bulgaria and says this film has, “nothing to do with the original.”

He goes on – “I’m a big fan of that film, but this is not a remake, it’s an original screenplay. It’s about a group of American athletes competing in Eastern Europe and they’re supposed to get on a train to continue the competition. And our group of people miss the train ’cause they went partying the night before. They get on a different train to catch up with their teammates and horror ensues. I researched real crimes that happen here in Eastern Europe and based it on that.”

No illusionist like David Copperfield in the original? “There is no magician. No…no David Copperfield, that’s very ’80s.” Thora Birch, Derek Magyar, Gloria Votsis, Kavan Reece, and Gideon Emery all star in the remake.

The production is utilizing both a fully-functioning old fashioned train (replete with long corridors and wooden interiors) and a few built train cars to meet some specifications called for in the screenplay.