Terrence Howard Talks Iron Man

Terrence Howard recently talked to VH1.Com about “Iron Man” and his part in the upcoming film alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. Seems that a sequel is being planned already.

“Seeing Iron Man [do] battle [in] the original suit that he made — crashing into a car and flipping me off like I’m nothing — [it doesn’t] even affect him! Me? [My character will be] sitting there waiting — lusting for the opportunity to have my own power” says Howard.

Howard plays Jim Rhodes, pilot and close associate of Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) who becomes the hero “Iron Man”. The characters eventually go their separate ways and Rhodes becomes an armoured superhero named War Machine. Howard touched upon that point:

“…depending on the success of the first one, War Machine [won’t be in until] the second one” says Howard.