“Terminator” vs. “Charlie’s Angels” Date Set

Terminator Vs Charlies Angels Date Set

In the wake of “Wonder Woman 1984” being delayed seven months, the superhero sequel’s old release date slot has suddenly become the site of a game of chicken between two major event films.

Last night Sony Pictures quickly slotted in its “Charlie’s Angels” reboot for that now clear November 1st 2019 release date. Today, Paramount and Skydance Media have moved up the James Cameron-produced “Terminator” refresh by two weeks to that November 1st date.

Both films are action heavy, have mostly women in the lead roles, and both franchises have previously had films directed by McG. However “Terminator” is expected to be R-rated and skew towards older men while ‘Angels’ is a likely PG-13 rated young female-focused feature.

Both are also important titles to their respective studios, both of which are in need of big tentpole hits. Will one blink?

Source: Box-Office Mojo