Terminator: Salvation Early Look

It’s been an interesting last month or so in terms of early footage presentations. “Watchmen” and “Star Trek” have both kicked off presentations with screenings of about 20 minutes of footage in London, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney in recent weeks.

Now it looks like next year’s “Terminator” sequel may be doing something similar – albeit on a smaller scale. The film’s director McG was on hand in London’s West End to see around seven minutes of scenes from the film along with an interview session talking about the work which is currently in early pre-production.

Comparing the franchise with the recent Batman and Bond reinventions, McG tells Time Out Magazine that the plan was to take the popular franchise back to basics and “strip away any sense of glitz or irony and focus on character, drama and gritty, intense action.”

When he approached actor Christian Bale about doing the role of John Connor, the Batman actor “told me to fuck right off, he didn’t want to do it. He said, ‘Write it so that it could be read cold on stage and I’ll think about doing it.'” McG staged a ‘cold table reading’ of the script to prove to the star that it could work as a serious drama without the benefit of special effects and stunts.

The film is said to chronicle Connor’s journey from “unloved wanderer in the wilderness to humanity’s saviour, as he uncovers the machines’ plan to harvest human DNA and develop the android ‘T-800′ model”.

McG confirms both Bale and scribe Chris Nolan have signed on for two more films. Did he get James Cameron’s blessing? “I did go to see James Cameron. He didn’t give us his blessing, but he didn’t shit all over our movie. When Jim was making Alien, he was following the great Ridley Scott, so he knows how we feel.”

Will Schwarzenegger make an appearance? “We’re trying to synthesise a human character with a CGI character and that may or may not have something to do with the T800…At the moment it’s not good enough and we’re running out of time.”

Finally he shot down claims of an ending that leaked online which had a ‘good Terminator’ becoming John Connor – “That is not the ending. John Connor is not the machine. We did discuss that idea, but that is not the ending, I can say that right now.”