Terminator Reboot, “Night” Get New Titles

The title of “Terminator: Genesis” is apparently the working title for Alan Taylor’s upcoming “Terminator” reboot at Annapurna Pictures & Skydance Productions.

The title comes via a tweet from Production Weekly. Regarding its veracity, there is no confirmation or denial at this point.

Meanwhile, Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that the upcoming Eric Bana-led supernatural thriller “Beware the Night” has been retitled “Deliver Us from Evil”. Bana plays an NYPD cop who begins investigating cases involving demonic posessions, werewolves and other supernatural occurences.

Of the project, Bruckheimer says: “I just finished a picture at Screen Gems, which turned out terrific. It’s a very hard R-rated movie, a paranormal thriller. It’s a new genre that I never approached, not in this vein. It’s low-budget for me. I loved experiencing something completely different.”

Source: The Wrap