Terminator Pics, Art & On-Set Rants

Its been a busy day for those working on “Terminator Salvation” and the news hasn’t been great. In fact much of the Net is hotly talking about a several month old incident that many on the production probably wish would’ve just gone away.

After a long hard day, actor Christian Bale lost his temper on the set when the cinematographer walked onto the set during filming late last year. Now, audio of that incident has hit TMZ.com and already has sparked much reaction. Click the link to listen but be warned, a lot of harsh language can be heard (F-Bombs galore).

Meanwhile the new issue of GamePro Magazine features a high quality image showing off the T-600 model that will be seen in the film.

There’s also four new photos out showing Common and Moon Bloodgood in action on the film, along with a making of feature at Wired.com with some impressive production art including Skynet itself, other Terminator models and the T-600/T-800 factory.