“Terminator Genisys” Sequel Has Been Cancelled

A year ago, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that a sequel to “Terminator Genisys” was still on the way despite terrible reviews and disappointing box-office (especially domestically).

Things seem to have changed now as New York Daily News reports that Paramount Pictures has declined to pick up the options for the sequel its stars.

The plan was to originally shoot the follow-up this year, but over a year ago the studio pulled the film from its schedule. Now the outlet’s source claims the studio is done with it:

“It is over for The Terminator and Arnold. The studio has taken the sequel off the production slate completely, meaning there is no pre-production or any plans for another sequel. The talent had been offered long term deals, but this is not happening. The Genisys movie was seen as a way of reviving (the franchise), but the critics were not happy and somehow the studio bosses fell out of love with making more, even though they made huge profits.”

David Ellison’s Skydance Pictures currently holds rights to the franchise, but those will revert back to director James Cameron in the year 2019. Earlier this year a report came that Cameron and Ellison were teaming with “Deadpool” director Tim Miller for an ‘exploratory effort’ into a new “Terminator” film – but there’s still no guarantee it will happen.