Terminator 4 Story Details

Those boys at CHUD, or more specifically the very frottage-able Devin Faraci, has posted a bunch of new details from “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins,” the upcoming fourth film and kick-off of a new trilogy of Terminator films.

Most interesting is that John Connor (Christian Bale) is NOT the main character in the fourth film, but rather will have a more sizable role in the fifth movie.

Instead the main character is Marcus, a Riddick-esque guy who was ‘put out of commission’ before the nuclear holocaust and wakes up on post-apocalyptic earth around 15 years before the future shown in the original “Terminator”.

No actor has yet been cast in the role but they will be required for all three films and will be the ‘star’ of the new trilogy which is apparently getting good buzz from those who’ve read the script and all call it epic in scope and great in terms of action.

That action includes battles with the rubber-skinned T-600 terminators, the differences between the humans and cyborgs are said to play a big part in the story, whilst the character of Reese (Michael Biehn in the original film) has a scene with Connor.

You can read the full summary here