Teresa: Making Of A Saint First Look

Teresa: The Making Of A Saint follows the incredible story of Agnes (Sophie Maes), a beautiful young Macedonian woman growing up in a world torn apart by war.

After receiving a message from God, Agnes travels to a remote nunnery to learn the ways of the Lord but, once there, her passions are aroused by a handsome young priest. These new feelings challenge her faith and threaten to destroy everything that she holds dear.

This internal struggle leads Agnes to face the most difficult decision of her life. Will she give in to the urges consuming her or will she forsake all others to serve her God? The decision she makes would change the world forever.

Brought to life by Sopie Maes (“Before There Was One,” “The Large Bag”), this cinematic masterpiece will reveal an unbelievable story of the woman behind the nun. The film’s official site has just been launched, be sure to check it out here.