Tennant Locked & Jack’s Return On Who

With the third season premiere a week away in the UK, more details have begun to leak out on what to expect on the upcoming season of “Doctor Who” – including an important signing.

Despite talk that he would be leaving the series part-way through the fourth season, David Tennant is confirmed to be starring as The Doctor through the full fourth season which goes into production in July.

According to the British tabloids, the deal is said to be worth around $2 million for the 13-episode season – a very large amount for a British TV role. Until the signing, there had been many people speculating in recent days about who would take over the role. Many of the names recently mentioned in connection to playing The Master, including Robert Carlyle and David Morrissey, were brought up.

Meanwhile Sci-Fi Pulse has scored segments of the script from the upcoming eleventh episode “Utopia” which sees the return of Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman). The episode fills in the blanks between Jack’s last appearance on Who and how he ended up at “Torchwood” in Cardiff.

The episode also features a trip to the year 100 trillion, a time even the Time Lords themselves have never visited. The general appearance of it? The basis for the storyline seems to emulate HG Wells “The Time Machine” with two very different races of humans.