Ten Commandments Gets Another Reboot

The failure of Ridley Scott’s “Exodus: Gods And Kings” doesn’t seem to have deterred Disruption Entertainment who are reportedly working on a contemporary reboot of “The Ten Commandments” for Paramount Pictures.

Tracking Board broke the story saying the pair are teaming up for the project, not a surprise as they were behind Cecil B. DeMille’s 1927 and 1956 versions and made a solid $362.6 million around the globe with “Noah” last year.

No talent is yet onboard the project. The film would dramatize the biblical story of the life of Moses, an adopted Egyptian prince who becomes the deliverer of his real brethren – the enslaved Hebrews. He leads the Exodus to Mount Sinai where he receives the Ten Commandments.

Along with ‘Exodus’, which brought in $268 million worldwide, the story was adapted in 1998’s animated feature “The Prince of Egypt” which pulled in $218.6 million at the time.