Telltale’s “Walking Dead” Final Season Announced

Telltale Games have offered a sneak peek at what they’re calling the final season of their episodic game series “The Walking Dead”. The big reveal for the title will take place at PAX East this coming week with the panel set to take place on Friday and broadcast live through Telltale’s Twitch feed.

The game series has been going for five years and has followed the journey of a young girl named Clementine (voiced by Melissa Hutchison). The new season, the fourth in the overall story arc, skips ahead several years with Clementine having obviously aged and on a mission to rescue AJ from McCarroll Ranch.

Film screenwriter Gary Whitta, who left Telltale after writing the first season, will return to write the final season’s story. More specifics of the panel are up at while the first episode is due out sometime this Summer.