Telltale To Do A New “Mr. Robot” Game?

Having become synonymous with episodic game releases, Telltale Games has quickly built up a library of titles including adaptations of “The Walking Dead,” “Game of Thrones,” “Fables” and this month unleashed the first title in their “Batman” series.

Now it looks like they’re setting their sights on another property with Gamespot reporting that social media updates by the company have suggested that a new project is in the works based on the much buzzed about TV series “Mr. Robot”.

The studio’s Twitter and Facebook pages have been updated with short videos promoting a messaging app for Ecorp, the evil multinational company that the hacker group F-Society is targeting. The pages suggest something is coming on August 17th, an “E Corp Messaging App for your iOS or Android Mobile device”. This would suggest a mobile only game as opposed to a larger multi-episode series.

Telltale has come under fire for its Batman title with the PC version of the game sporting a number of bugs not unlike those that plagued and crippled last year’s “Batman: Arkham Knight” on that format.