Telltale Sets “Walking Dead” S3 Title, Release

Telltale Games have announced that the third season of its episodic game series based on “The Walking Dead” is set to premiere for home consoles and PC starting in November, though a specific date has not yet been locked. The game will be available both digitally and through a physical season pass disc that will grant gamers access to future episodes in the season.

Announced at PAX West in Seattle, the rollout is expected to be akin to the way “Batman: The Telltale Series” is being handled where you can download each episode individually from digital distributors or you can purchase the entire season from a season pass disc at retailers.

Titled ‘The New Frontier’ and set several years on from the events of the second season, Clementine will be back as the protagonist and is joined by a second playable character, Javier. The two characters are both desperately trying to survive.

The game’s trademark choice-driven narrative will return and players will still be able to pick and choose dialogue and other important decisions that will shape the outcome of the events involving Clementine, Javier, and other characters. Telltale’s Batman game is slated to wrap in December.

Source: GameSpot