Telltale Seeks Partners To Finish “Walking Dead”

Telltale Seeks Partners To Finish Walking Dead

Telltale Games has released an official statement saying that they are in talks with potential partners to wrap up and release the final two episodes of their “The Walking Dead: The Final Season” episodic narrative game.

The title will release its second episode this week as scheduled, and the company says multiple potential partners have stepped forward to express interest in helping to see ‘The Final Season’ through to completion. They can’t promise it will happen, but they are actively working on a solution that will hopefully see those third and fourth episodes completed and released in some form.

The announcement days after the news that Telltale Games was effectively shutting down without actually doing so, laying off 250 of its roughly 275 employees (including the development team on this game) and closing development on all its titles bar the port of the “Minecraft: Story Mode” it is making for Netflix.

The company, known for episodic game series based on properties like “Batman,” “Fables,” “Borderlands,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Game of Thrones,” abruptly let go of many of its staff and did so without severance pay with a failed round of financing being cited as the official reason.

Source: Variety