Telltale Games Considers A Bond Game?

Telltale Games, the company behind the acclaimed episodic narrative games for “The Walking Dead,” “Fables,” “Batman,” “Borderlands,” “Game of Thrones” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise, may be adding one more to their ranks – 007.

Game Zone reports that according to a recent Telltale survey, both a second season of “Tales From The Borderlands” and a James Bond-themed game called “Solstice” are currently in the works.

Shortly after, a tweet posted by a user known as AnEvilHag came out with apparent screenshots of logos for both projects. With E3 coming this time next week, expect either a confirmation or denial of this rumor before or around then.

With the Bond game, the big question is what direction will it take – contemporary like the films, or period like the books – the latter would be the more interesting as it opens up plenty of storytelling potential.