Tell No-One, “District B13” Remakes

Luc Besson and Pierre-Ange Le Pogam’s EuropaCorp, who hit the top of the box-office with last week’s thriller “Taken”, have almost signed a deal for U.S. remakes of two recent French-language hits – parkour sci-fi drama “District B13” and twisting murder mystery “Tell No-One” reports Variety.

Guillame Canet’s “Tell No-One”, based on a 2001 book by American author Harlan Coben, follows a doctor who receives evidence that his late wife is still alive seven years after the pair was mysteriously attacked and she disappeared.

His pursuit to uncover the truth and reunite with her takes various surprising twists and turns involving local hoods, a powerful magnate, a gang of lethal watchdogs keeping him under surveillance, police officials intent on arresting him for murder, a late equestrian champion, a great soundtrack with the likes of U2, and a very impressive car/foot chase.

One of last year’s best reviewed films (93% on Rotten Tomatoes and #12 in my ‘Best Films of 2008’ list), the original grossed over $6 million in the US alone – the highest earning foreign-language film of 2008.

Though it doesn’t say who, two U.S. major studios are in talks to produce the film which will likely start shooting by the end of the year.

The company is also in talks for an English-language remake of 2004’s “District B13” to be entitled “Brick Mountain”. That film follows an undercover policeman and former criminal trying to infiltrate a gang armed with a neutron bomb.

It became famous for its depiction of parkour (free running) in a number of stunt sequences, the first film to really utilize the practice which has since been seen in the likes of the opening of “Casino Royale,” “Breaking and Entering” and “Live Free or Die Hard”.