Teen Beach Movie Sequel Is A Go

The Disney Channel is moving forward with a sequel to its original telemovie ratings smash hit “Teen Beach Movie”.

Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton and John DeLuca will reprise their characters from last year’s story of two surfing teen lovebirds who get transported into a 1960s beach flick.

That telemovie became the second most viewed movie in cable history in total viewers, not to mention it popped out a soundtrack that reached the top spot on the Billboard charts.

The follow-up sees modern day teens Mack and Brady get a real world visit from Lela, Tanner, Butchy, and other surfer and biker pals from “Wet Side Story” (the beach party ‘film within a film’).

Filming begins in July with a 2015 broadcast premiere scheduled.

Source: Deadline