Teaser Trailer: Tom Hanks In “Inferno”

Following its tease yesterday, Sony Pictures has unleashed the full teaser trailer for the Ron Howard-directed film adaptation of Dan Brown’s “Inferno” which is slated to open in October.

Tom Hanks reprises his role of Harvard symbologist Professor Robert Langdon in the new film following his work in the adaptations of “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons”. The filmmakers are skipping Brown’s third Langdon novel, 2009’s Washington-centric “The Lost Symbol,” for the more internationally flavored 2013 effort “Inferno”.

In the story Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with no memory of the events that led him to be in Italy. Soon he realizes that someone is trying to kill him and must prevent a biological attack in the form of a new strain of the Bubonic plague being pulled off by a madman employing allusions to the works Dante Alighieri.

Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Irrfan Khan, Ben Foster and Sidse Babett Knudsen also star.