Teaser Promo: “Automata: The Series”

Penny Arcade has premiered the teaser trailer for the period robot detective series “Automata” based on their popular webcomic.

Made with the help of over $500,000 on Kickstarter, the story takes place in an alternate Prohibition-era America where regulated robots (called automatons) are the new liquor. No one can make new robots, and the ones that already exist are treated as an underclass by humans.

Doug Jones (“Hellboy”) plays Carl Swangee, an investigative automaton partnered with New York private detective Sam Regal (Basil Harris). Tasked to spy on a wealthy businessman’s wife, the pair find themselves entrenched in an investigation ripe with sex, intrigue, and lies following her murder.

Van Alan helmed the series which consists of five episodes that run around 10-12 minutes each. All episodes have been released to Kickstarter patrons, no general public release date has yet been set.