Taymor’s “Tempest” Gets December Release

Left in limbo due to the closure of Miramax, Julie Taymor’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” has finally secured a release through Touchstone Pictures reports USA Today.

Along with releasing the first official photo, Touchstone has announced a December release though isn’t being more specific just yet.

The project, shot around volcanic areas of Hawaii two years ago, marks Taymor’s second Shakespearean adaptation after 1999’s “Titus”. It also includes an already controversial change with the exiled sorcerer and leading character Prospero being changed into the female character Prospera played by Helen Mirren.

Taymor spoke of the change, saying “I wanted to do it because there are actresses like Helen Mirren who never get to play these fantastic parts because they were not written for women. We changed the role. It’s one of the few plays where it not only doesn’t hurt the play, but enhances the play.”