Tatum: There Will Be No Third “Magic Mike”

There’s many vocal fans out there of the two “Magic Mike” films with various debates about which one people prefer. This leads to the inevitable question – will star Channing Tatum and company make a third one to potentially break this deadlock?

Sorry, but Tatum himself seems to suggest that any further plans for the male stripper franchise are now over. Speaking with THR at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this week, Tatum has decreed that no third film is going to be made. Instead his focus is now going towards the already announced live Vegas show and a potential Broadway musical, and he explains his reasons as to why he’s going this direction:

“The third installment will be the show, and I think it has to evolve past these guys. The first one was about Mike, the second one was about the guys and I think the third one is really about man and woman having a conversation about sex and themselves and who we all are. That’s the next step I would like to take with the story.”

The two films have earned $290 million worldwide to date.