Tatum Talks X-Men’s Gambit, “Magic Mike 2”

The push to get actor Channing Tatum for the role of Gambit in an upcoming “X-Men” film seems to be making progress. The actor has previously mentioned he’s been keen to play the character, while franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner has also expressed a desire to get Tatum onboard in the role.

Now, speaking with MTV, Tatum has revealed it has gone as far as meetings between the pair: “I met with Lauren Schuler Donner. I would love – Gambit’s my really only X-Men that I’ve ever loved. I [mean] I’ve loved them all, they’re all great, [but] I don’t know I guess just being from down south – my dad’s from Louisiana and I’m from Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida – I don’t know I just related to him… I hope it does [come together]. You never know, it’s a weird industry. If the stars align, I would play it. I’m already working on the accent.”

So what is it about the character that he loves so much? “He’s just kind of a suave; he’s the most un-X-Men X-Man who’s ever been in X-Men, other than maybe Wolverine. He’s kind of like the anti-hero; he’s a thief. He’s not even like a hero, he’s kind of walking the line of grey. He loves women and drinking and smoking, he’s just a cool guy that happens to have a good moral center.

In news of other Tatum-related projects, the upcoming sequel to “Magic Mike” has finally scored a release date – July 3rd 2015. Gregory Jacobs will be taking the helm of the follow-up which aims to begin production this fall.

The big question though is just how much of the first film’s cast is coming back considering none of them are under contract to return. Tatum says: “I think everyone’s gonna be back, I think. Obviously no one’s deals are done which is always kind of scary.”

Asked about the plot, he says: “This one will be a road trip movie. Without giving a lot away, we don’t wanna make it a really serious, slice-of-life movie. We want to have reality in it, but we don’t want to make it some dark drama. There was some darkness in the last one that I think surprised people and shocked people. This one, we want there to be a lot of conflict and a lot of struggle, but we also want there to be a shit-ton of fun. A shit-ton of just ridiculous stuff that you would never see in a movie.”