Tatum May Direct The “Gambit” Film As Well?

As part of a news story this weekend of actor Channing Tatum leaving his longtime managers, there’s a brief update on the “X-Men” spin-off feature “Gambit”.

Tatum has been earmarked for the role of the card-throwing mutant for years, but numerous attempts to get the project going have failed with multiple directors being attached and then exiting including Rupert Wyatt, Doug Liman and Gore Verbinski.

Now, Deadline says that Tatum might direct the film himself. Tatum has served as producer on several of his films but has never directed.

Reid Carolin penned the script for the film which has no start date and is seemingly in limbo as the Fox-Disney merger comes to a close. There’s already rumors the project will be scrapped once the Disney deal is complete.