Tatum Doffs His Clothes For “Love and Honor”

Channing Tatum is being lined up to star in the period swashbuckling espionage drama “Love and Honor” says Vulture.

A fictional spin on real life historical figures, the story is set in 1774 when a young Virginian cavalryman named Kieran Selkirk (Tatum) is sent to Russia by Benjamin Franklin. His assignment? Persuade the Tsarina, Catherine the Great, to not send support troops to aid the British in their efforts to suppress the rebellion of their American colonies.

Posing as a British mercenary, he promises to satiate her sexual appetites and help her in her fight against the rebellious Cossacks. The adventure piece is filled with bawdy romps, bloody swordfights, political machinations, and exotic locales.

Randall Wallace (“Secretariat”) adapted the script from his own 2005 book. The project was previously setup at Disney Pictures and had Angelina Jolie slated to star as Catherine. That’s no longer the case, though an offer is out to Anne Hathaway to play a princess’ attendant and main love interest to Tatum’s character.