Taskmaster Rights Revert To Marvel Studios

It looks like one Marvel character which was residing over at 20th Century Fox has now jumped back over to the stable at Disney & Marvel Studios – Taskmaster.

Talking about the recent “Deadpool” trailer again this week with Empire, that film’s director Tim Miller seemed to suggest that the character is no longer a part of Fox’s stable of Marvel characters like the X-Men and Fantastic Four:

“I’d love to see Deadpool fight Batman – no, I’m just kidding, that’s not even in the Marvel family! I’d love to see Deadpool go up against Taskmaster who’s another Marvel total f–kin’ badass. But if I was to stay inside the Fox family, I would like to see him fight X-23, the female Wolverine. The female clone of Wolverine.”

Heroic Hollywood followed-up on those comments with their sources who “confirmed to me that the character rights no longer lie with 20th Century Fox.”

In the comics, Taskmaster is Tony Masters – a supervillain mercenary turned antihero who has the ability to mimic the physical movements of anyone he witnesses. It’s an ability he uses to train others to fight heroes with students including the likes of Crossbones. In the comics he’s interacted with a wide gamut of Marvel heroes from the Avengers to Deadpool to Spider-Man to the Fantastic Four.

Interestingly at one point “The Grey” and “Smokin’ Aces” helmer Joe Carnahan was developing a live-action “Taskmaster” film for Fox with his “The A-Team” producer Alex Young.