Tarsem Considers “Eye in the Sky”

“Immortals” and “Mirror Mirror” director Tarsem Singh is reportedly keen on doing a sprawling ensemble thriller called “Eye in the Sky” reports The Playlist.

The story revolves around a military drone attack in East Africa and the impact on those involved in it – the drone controllers in bases in Nevada, those ordering the attack, politicians at war in Europe, and the people on the ground where it happens.

Guy Hibbert pens the script said to be akin to “Traffic” and “Syriana” in tone with many speaking parts – approximately sixty-two by Singh’s account.

Olivier Hirschbiegel (“Downfall”) was previously set to direct as of last fall and Tarsem hopes to know within the week whether he will replace Hirshbiegel. In any case it’s a while away as his next project, “Killing on Carnival Row”, will likely shoot beginning this Summer.