Tarantino’s “Once Upon” Needs To Make Big Bucks

Tarantinos Once Upon Needs To Make Big Bucks

Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” opened this past weekend to strong critical reviews and a career-best opening for the director with a $40.4 million domestic bow. However, there is a concern that the film simply won’t be profitable enough.

THR reports that the film cost $90 million to produce after tax incentives and rebates, easily Tarantino’s most expensive film to date. Once you factor in marketing spend, exhibitor ticket sale cuts and some costly backend talent deals, it’s estimated the movie will have to gross up to $400 million worldwide before it turns in a profit.

In other words, it will need to have legs. That’s something that the ‘B’ CinemaScore it received suggests won’t happen – it’s the second-lowest CinemaScore for a Tarantino film (the other being “Jackie Brown”). For now, the film’s second-weekend results will be monitored closely.

To date only one Tarantino has reached near or over $400 million – “Django Unchained”. The new film begins its rollout internationally next month.