Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight” Comes To The Stage

Quentin Tarantino’s snow-bound western “The Hateful Eight” is out in cinemas, though reaction has been divided amongst even his fans as well as critics. One frequent comment about the film in reviews across the board is that it’s the most stage play-like of Tarantino’s work due to the limited cast and essentially single setting.

That doesn’t surprise Tarantino though who tells The Wrap that the possibility of a stage play version – which he himself will direct, is looking more likely:

“I’ve thought it out completely. I’m just waiting for this [awards] season to be over so I can write it. I gotta put myself there and write it for this. Harvey actually — he tried to talk me into doing it as a play first. He said, ‘Let’s just say this out loud before we commit to doing the movie.’ And I was like, ‘Look, I could. But I like the mystery aspect and the mystery aspect will really only work in the movie. And I have the 70mm and I have the snow. So let me do that.'”

So far the film hasn’t set the box-office on fire. Its roadshow presentation at Christmas scored a strong $46,107 per screen average ahead of the wide release on New Year’s Day pulling in a solid $15.7 million. It has, however, since collapsed with the second wide weekend plunging around 60% to $6.4 million with a total so far of $41 million in the United States.