Tarantino Wants To Adapt “Forty Lashes” For TV

Quentin Tarantino purchased the rights to four Elmore Leonard novels back in the late 1990s, one being “Rum Punch” which became his film “Jackie Brown”.

Now, he’s looking to adapt one of the other three with the filmmaker revealing to Premiere that he is considering turning Leonard’s 1972 western “Forty Lashes Less One” into a TV miniseries:

“It always takes me a while before thinking about the future. That said, I own the rights to this book I wanted to adapt for a while, and the time may have come. This is Forty Lashes Less One, Elmore Leonard, which could be my third Western. (What) I like most is considering a project to (put) on TV, in the form of a mini-series of four or six hours.”

The book follows an African-American man and an Apache half-breed who are facing life sentences at Yuma Prison. They are given a shot at redemption as they are tasked with teaming up to track down and hunt Arizona’s five most wanted criminals.

Taratino previously consiered turning the property back into a feature fifteen years ago, going so far as to write several pages a few years later, but it never seemed to progress from there.