Tarantino On His “Kill Bill Vol. 3” Plans

It has been over a decade since Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” hit cinemas and though there’s no official plans to go back to that story, the previously reticent to return filmmaker seems to have changed his tune and is giving serious consideration to one more outing with Uma Thurman’s The Bride sometime in the future. Speaking with Variety this week, the director days:

“I’ve been very non-committal about it. I’m not committing to it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if The Bride made one more appearance before the whole thing is said and done. I am talking to Uma (Thurman) about it just a little bit. Some of the stuff that I’d written that never made it into the movie that maybe I could use.

I’m thinking now, 13 years later, what would be going on with Sofie Fatale? What would be going on with Elle Driver? The thing that does attract me to the idea, and I wasn’t that attracted to it before, because I felt I said what I had to say, and I kind of liked the idea of Beatrix Kiddo living out the rest of her life in peace, to some some degree, I think Kill Bill is my most visionary movie.

Not necessarily saying how good it is, but I think it’s a very vision-oriented movie, and I create this world that doesn’t exist. On planes, there’s holders for your samurai sword. Since Kill Bill, my work has veered more towards the literary, and perhaps less on the visual, to one degree or another. I think, maybe a good helping of viscera would be a nice thing to happen, at least at some point in my future.”

Earlier in the month, Tarantino revealed a follow-up would be reflected in real time and so the character would have had time to find some peace and spend time with her daughter. Tarantino hasn’t announced his immediate follow-up to “The Hateful Eight” yet.