Tarantino On Hawaii & Bond

This week, whilst out doing promotions in the UK for the release of his “Grindhouse” entry “Death Proof,” director Quentin Tarantino revealed he turned down doing a film adaptation of 70’s TV series “Hawaii Five-O”.

Tarantino tells Digital Spy: “My producing partner at the time Lawrence Bender was hanging out with some dude from Fox or Warners or whatever, and they said I should stop working on what I was doing, because I’d be so into this. I tried to watch the old TV show, but it sucks. I don’t even like Hawaii.”

Meanwhile QT has continued to whinge on the James Bond front, telling Total Film Magazine he won’t ever see the recent 007 “Casino Royale” film because adapting the Fleming book was his idea in the first place and he should be getting some kind of credit.