Tarantino Cuts Bastards In Half

For the upcoming DVD release of the classic ensemble WW2 movie “Inglorious Bastards”, Quentin Tarantino did an interview with the film’s director Enzo Castellari which has been included in the set.

Now, AICN has seen that interview and garnered some new facts from it about Tarantino’s long in-development remake of the property which he claimed he finished the script for last month.

First up the film will be split into two ala “Kill Bill” and is said to be keeping much of the original’s setup. That film had a group of hardened criminals escape custody when Nazis attack the military convoy transporting them. The cons decide to make their way to Switzerland, fighting off both the Allies and Nazis to get there.

Most important though is that all the rumored names mentioned so far for the film can be chucked out as he’s “decided to write the characters with no specific actor in mind”. QT is also considering “an epic slow motion scene”.