Tarantino Considers Sci-Fi, New “Body Snatchers”

Along with confirming that “The Hateful Eight” is going to go into production, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino revealed at his recent San Diego Comic Con panel that he’s considering a sci-fi tale, albeit a non-space opera one. This would mark the first time he’s ever considered it after showing zero interest in the past:

“If you had asked me a few years ago I would have said: “Nah, not really, I don’t know.” But i have a little idea right now. It’s a little flower, you know, like a bean sprout, but those tend to grow into stalks. This would be the first time I wouldn’t say, ‘No, not really.’ This is the first time I’d say, ‘Maybe.’

It wouldn’t be a spaceship-y type thing – traveling through space, going to other planets – it would be more of an Earth-bound sci-fi thing, but sci-fi nonetheless.”

What could it be? In a follow-up question he was asked about the possibility of him taking on a project within an existing franchise. He revealed there was only really one he wouldn’t mind tackling which, coincidentally, fits the sci-fi angle he mentioned above. Are they one and the same? Here’s what he said:

“A series that I would like to put a spin on is the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I want to take it from the pod people’s perspective, so you’re actually rooting for the pod people. I don’t think they’re so bad.”

Source: The Guardian