Tangerine Dream Covers “Stranger Things” Theme

The Netflix series “Stranger Things” has become a pop culture phenomenon with all its homages to 1980s supernatural thrillers and beloved family classics of that era. Now a new connection has popped up, one that creators the Duffer Brothers probably wouldn’t have dreamed of.

Austin band Survive’s synth-heavy score and theme tune for the series seems to owe much to the work of John Carpenter, and now a tribute to it is being paid by iconic German electronic band Tangerine Dream who have recorded a cover of both the theme music and another track from the score.

The surviving members of the group, which did the scores for films such as “Thief” and “Near Dark,” decided to pay tribute following the show actually using part of their score in episode six and cite the groups work on “Sorcerer” and “The Keep” as big influences. Check out some audio clips below: