Talk Of Affleck’s Replacement As “The Batman”

While the question remains as to whether Ben Affleck will stay on as Batman after “Justice League,” the upcoming director of “The Batman” solo film would appear to already have a replacement in mind.

As we know Affleck was slated to direct the project from a script he was co-writing, but then he dropped out with the recent ‘Apes’ sequel helmer Matt Reeves coming onboard and retooling the whole project. The plan now is for a new trilogy of Batman films, but beyond that everything is up in the air.

Today, journalist, podcaster and producer John Campea has reported on his personal channel that Reeves has a specific person in mind to slip on the cowl should Affleck hang it up:

“I’m hesitant to say anything, but I talked to a Hollywood producer yesterday and they gave me the name of who Matt Reeves wants [to replace Ben Affleck] as Batman. And, I’ve got to be honest with you, that name caught me a little bit by surprise. I called somebody else later in the day, saying: ‘Hey, I heard this, is there any validity to this?’ And they said: ‘Well, Matt does want him…’ But that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. There’s been no movement or anything like that.”

Campea then went on to say the recast would be a straight actor swap (ala Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard as War Machine, or the pre-Nolan Batman films), and so would not be referenced and would remain within the same universe.