“Tales from the Crypt” Reboot Is Dead

Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan has confirmed that his reboot of “Tales From the Crypt” will not be happening.

Shyamalan was working with TNT who were planning to use the anthology series revival to anchor a whole night of horror in its programming block. Speaking with Digital Spy this week, Shyamalan says there’s just too many legal hurdles for the project to overcome:

“I think it’s dead. We tried everything that we could. That was so mired in people that had rights to it… constantly mired from the original comic books to the people that did the original show and that was a very contentious era for that show and who was involved and all the stuff that had nothing to do with me, a generation before me. I begged them, ‘Please just give me the rights, we’ll do it this way, you’re going to be really happy’. But it didn’t work out that way and here we are.”

A pilot for “Time of Death” was ordered and development was also underway on “Creatures,” shows which were to be a part of the horror block. No word so far on the fate of those two series.